PRIME Leftovers #12: 10 sehenswerte Videos
PRIME Leftovers #12: 10 sehenswerte Videos ©
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Jörg Angeli -

Es ist wieder soweit. In der letzten Woche sind erstaunlich viele gute Videos in unserer Inbox angekommen - und hier sind sie alle!



#1 Mister Mango - Spring Mix 2018

Unser Lieblingsvideo diese Woche: Mister Mango mit dem Style, den neuen Tricks und überhaupt ... geil einfach!

#2 Warmtobel HYPE - el.makrell

"el.makrell and project pommes on a fishing trip to trannyland. Getting on the HYPE at's 'warmtobel jam' in Wildhaus (CH). Mad props to the whole crew which is on full passion to make this event happen and putting together such a unique run. Go support them and check in next year!"

Skiing by Sven Rauber, Tobias Huber, Johannes Rohrmooser, Georg Stückler, Marco Tribi Tribelhorn, Mario, Ludwig Hagelstein, Ambros Brosei Fürstaller, Torge Nagel

Filming by Mikki Vergara

Drone operator Torge Nagel

Edit by Ludwig Hagelstein

Song by Dynamxxx - Vector Run

#3 The Crap Attack 2018 #2

"The Crap Attack is back with a second episode this season. The parks are looking better than ever with plenty of obstacles for all types of shredders. No matter if you‘re more into cruising, sliding or flying, every rider will find satisfaction in the multitude of lines."

Skiing by PV Aubert, Siver Voll, Sämi Ortlieb & Andrin Tgetgel

Filmed & Edited by Vincent Schmid.

#4 Jiberish Hotlaps at Keystone

"Having a handful of our riders in the same place at the same time is a rarity for us. Whether they’re chasing snow across the US hunting urban spots, filming with production companies or partying their asses off, these guys are busy. Featuring some of the regulars you’ve come to know along with a few new additions, we spent a few days in February tearing up A51 in our backyard of Summit County."

#5 Plain Vision - Lead Fabrics

Die schwedischen Lead Fabrics Teamrider rippen den Ramundberget Snowpark.

Skiing by Freddie Grann, Oliver Karlberg, Emil Granbom, Anton Linden, Joel Magnusson, Vilmer Ivarrson, Ramundberget


Adventure time with THE SQAD.

"Some of the boys decided to move their asses up to the Norwegian capital Oslo around Christmas time to explore Osloparken and Hafjellparken.

Besides shredding day and night the boys spent their time drinking Seidel, matching hotties on Tinder, robbing 7/11's and pushing their ego by posting too much on Instagram.

So here it is, enjoy the SQAD goin' ham up in the north.

Yours sincerely

THE SQAD aka the local trash crew"

#7 White & Green: A little bit of everything

Jeremy Acland mit einem feinen Mix aus Backcountry Freestyle, fetten Cliff Drops und Street Rails.

#8 Jonah Williams - Windells 2017 Edit

"A collection of Jonah William's best shots from Summer 2017 at Windells Camp featuring Corey Jackson."

Filmed by Gavin Rudy & Alex Havey

Edit by Gavin Rudy.

#9 Die menschliche Drohne

"Eliot Nochez and Leo Taillefer bring you the HUMAN DRONE from Val D'Isere. A more natural way to bring aerial video to the mountain (and less buzzing and crashing)."

#10 Bear Mountain - Jacket Weather

Klassischer, aber richtig fetter Park Edit aus Bear Mountain mit John Michael Fabrizi, Tucker Keating, Jordan Romero, Chase Mohrman, Tyler Mega, Kevin Bane und Kysen Hall.

Filmed & edited by Ethan Heath

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