SuperUnknown XVI (2019) – Die Gewinner stehen fest + Finals Video Pt. 3
SuperUnknown XVI (2019) – Die Gewinner stehen fest + Finals Video Pt. 3 ©
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Alles Wichtige rund um den SuperUnknown XVI (2019) Videocontest von Level 1 Productions.

Update vom 8. Mai 2019: Zusammen mit dem dritten Video von den Finals stehen nun auch die Gewinner des SuperUnknown XVI Videocontests fest: Blake Wilson & Giorgia Bertoncini. Mehr unten in der Videobeschreibung des dritten Final Parts.


SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Videos von den Finals

Das Finale des SuperUnknown XVI Video-Contests ging letzte Woche im Winter Park Resort, Colorado, über die Bühne. Hier sind die drei äußerst sehenswerten Video-Recaps.

SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Finals Pt. 3

Offizielle Beschreibung

"This year’s field of Finalists represented the most diverse crop yet, in their backgrounds, hometowns, styles, and interpretations of skiing and it made for one of the most entertaining Finals yet. "Every 10 seconds you see another insane trick,” said Blake Wilson “and everyone was doing their own thing." “Everyone killed it, for every different reason” added Monty Wright.

There’s no doubt that with such a diverse crew there’s bound to be some surprises throughout a week-long shoot, however, in perhaps the biggest SuperUnknown plot twist yet, when all the votes were counted it was Blake Wilson who stood on top, walking away with the title amongst a field of some of the most talented park skiers in the world.

"He’s a full on backcountry skier and never really rides rails or park” commented Andrin Tgetgel, "but he really killed it on every single feature.” “I haven’t hit rails in a year, and its been about 5 years since I skied a lot of park so I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this week,” added Blake. “This is definitely a surprise, there’s such a super stacked crew and it was amazing to session with you all, I’m honored."

And what about Giorgia?! Sadly, as she tells it, “shit happens.” In this case shit happened on the first run at the very start of the first day on the hill when Giorgia dropped into the pipe and went down on her very first hit, before the cameras started rolling. A sideways straight-legged landing tweaked her knee and her story at SuperUnknown ended with the first chapter. Despite the tweaked knee and crutches keeping her on the sideline Giorgia was undeterred- "I think that this is a great experience to show to the girl’s freeski world that there is not just normal competition, there are other ways for them to get noticed and pursue a career with shooting video.”

A big congrats to all of our Finalists… stay tuned for more!"

SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Finals Pt. 2

Offizielle Beschreibung

"The good times continue to roll at the SuperUnknown XVI Finals where the sun keeps shining and the shots keep stacking. Is this year’s crew the heaviest yet? Give Part 2 a watch and you be the judge!"

Rider: Andrin Tgetgel, Joona Sipola, Carson Kerr, Tucker Fitz Simons, Blake Wilson, John Brown, Dane Kirk, Martin Longhitano, Anton Lindén Giorgia Bertoncini, and Monty Wright

SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Finals Pt. 1

Offizielle Beschreibung

"Winter Park Resort has rolled out the red carpet for SuperUnknown Finals yet again, stacking some of the most technical jib and jump features we’ve seen yet and delivering on our request for blue skies and warm spring temps (at least for the first couple days!). This year’s crop of Finalists is our most global yet, brining their individual styles and skill sets from 8 countries around the world- each with a unique approach to skiing which is guaranteed to make this year’s Finals a tough one to judge. Stay tuned for more episodes dropping with plenty more hot action from Winter Park, Colorado!"

25. März 2019: Alle Videos sind online. Das Voting für den Wildcard Spot ist auf der Level 1 Productions Seite ab sofort online. Ihr dürft jeden Tag einmal für euren Favoriten abstimmen und ihm damit helfen, den 10. und letzten Platz (+ eine Lady) für das SuperUnknown Finals Shooting im Winter Park Resort zu bekommen.

25. März 2019: Die ersten Finalisten Videos sind online und nun steht auch die einzige weibliche Gewinnerin fest: Giorgia Bertoncini.

29. März 2019: Alle von Level 1 ausgewählten Finalisten stehen fest, fehlt noch das Ergebnis aus dem Semi-Finalisten Voting für den letzten Wildcard-Spot.

1. April 2019: Alle Finalisten stehen fest - der Wildcard Spot der Semi-Finalisten geht an Tucker Fitz Simons.

SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Finalists

John Brown

Carson Kerr

Joona Sipola

Blake Wilson

Monty Wright

Andrin Tgetgel

Simon Grissemann

Dane Kirk

Giorgia Bertoncini (Female Spot)

Anton Lindén

Tucker Fitz Simons (Wildcard Spot)

Alle Videos der Semi-Finalisten findet ihr auf der nächsten Seite.

SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Semi-Finalists

Samuel Alander

Martin Longhitano

Phil Gaucher

Brian Gardiner

Mason Kennedy

Jack Finn

Justin Kennedy

Emil Abdulin

Tucker Fitzsimmons

Sampo Vallotton

Scott Nelson

Thibault Magnin

Mike Cappola

Yohan Lovey

Levi Ascher

Pete Koukov

SuperUnknown XVI (2019) - Alles Wichtige rund um den Video-Contest von Level 1

Aktuell läuft die 16. Runde des wohl größten Video-Contests in der Freeski-Welt. Eine Woche bleibt noch für eure Einsendungen zum SuperUnknown XVI.

Der SuperUnknown XVI Video-Contest von Level 1 Productions ist für Freestyle-Skifahrer die wahrscheinlich beste Möglichkeit, einen Fuß in die Tür der großen Freeski-Produktionen zu bekommen. Seit 16 Jahren findet der Video-Contest nun bereits statt und half vielen großen Namen zu ihrem Durchbruch - allen voran Tom Wallisch im Jahr 2007. Aber auch weitere heute weltweit bekannte Rider wie Lucas Stål-MadisonMagnus GranérJonah Williams und viele weitere haben einen großen Sprung in ihrer Karriere durch den Gewinn bei Level 1s SuperUnknown gemacht.

Reicht jetzt euer Video für SuperUnknown XVI ein

Die aktuelle Bewerbungsrunde läuft noch eine Woche - Deadline ist der 19. Februar 2019. Bis dahin müsst ihr einen 90-Sekünder schneiden und ihn über die Level 1 Seite hochladen. Ausgewählt werden die Gewinner von einer Crew bestehend aus den Level 1 Mitarbeitern und einer Auswahl von Athleten aus dem nahen Umfeld der Videoproduktion. Sie bewerten dabei "skills, talent, bag of tricks, style, and personality", aber auch die berühmt-berüchtigte "Overall Impression" spielt eine wesentliche Rolle bei der Entscheidung. Weitere Details findet ihr auf der nächsten Seite.

Was ist neu dieses Jahr?

Das Prinzip bleibt auch bei der diesjährigen Ausgabe das gleiche, wie in den letzten Jahren: Die Judges wählen die Finalisten aus, die dann zu einem einwöchigen Shooting vom 22. bis 28. April 2019 nach Winter Park (Colorado) eingeladen werden. Dort wird dann darüber entschieden, wer den Contest gewinnt, mit Level 1 zum Filmen geht und weitere Preise abstaubt.

Allein die Einladung zu dieser Woche kann für jeden Fahrer eine große Chance sein, ihre Film-Karriere voranzutreiben.

Neu in diesem Jahr ist, dass einer der insgesamt 11 Finalisten-Plätze für eine weibliche Fahrerin reserviert ist. Außerdem wird es wieder ein öffentliches Wildcard-Voting für einen Platz geben. Die restlichen neun Finalisten werden von den Level 1 Judges bestimmt.

Mitmachen darf jeder Fahrer ab 12 Jahren. Die Contest-Rules im Detail findet ihr auf der nächsten Seite. Viel Glück!

Level 1 Superunknown XVI (2019) Official Contest Rules And Regulations

Quelle: Level 1 Productions

The SuperUnknown contest is open to amateur male and female athletes worldwide, ages 12 and up. Previous years' Finalists are permitted to enter the contest and they'll be judged on the same criteria as every other entrant.

All entries should be submitted online through the upload form on our website - quick, easy, and painless! The upload form will be open through February, 19th 2018. Upload your video in Quicktime format (technical details at the bottom) and submit the online entry form and you’re good to go!

Entries should show an athlete’s skill, style, and personality. The video must communicate not only the talent and ability of the athlete, but his or her personality as well, and may include lifestyle, cutaway, and interview shots in addition to action. The contest will be judged, and the Finalists determined, by examining the overall skill, ability, style, and potential of the contestant.

How are we scoring entries this year? There’s no official scoring sheet, but here’s the breakdown on how we’re looking at entries:

  • 10% Personality
  • 20% Technical Ability
  • 30% Style
  • 40% Overall Impression

Videos must be no longer than 90 seconds (or less)! Anything longer will get you disqualified.

Videos must be uploaded with the following file name:

YourName LastName SUXVI entry.file (Example: Tom Wallisch SUXVI

Tricks cannot be repeated, whether they’re rail tricks, jump tricks, etc, show them one time only! It’s fine to show something truly epic from a few different angles, but its not helping you out to show that you can do the same trick more then once.

Only amateur athletes are considered eligible for the SuperUnknown contest and prizes. How do we define “amateur?” Basically if you’re receiving money as part of a contract beyond equipment and travel support, you are by definition a “pro” and no longer eligible. If you get free skis or someone bought you a plane ticket to get to a contest you’re still good to go in our book. We reserve the right to disqualify entrants if we feel the rules are being bent too far or broken.

What’s the singular most impressive thing in your entry? Drop it in as the last shot in your vid and we’ll consider that your entry in the Best Trick contest, rewarding the standout shot(s) of the contest! This will be voted on by the online community and awarded separately from the SuperUnknown prize.

Upon entry, the contestant grants Level 1 the rights to use submitted material as they see fit, in any and all mediums of distribution. Entry materials will not be returned. Online distribution or release of video submissions prior to the announcement of finalists will result in immediate disqualification of the entry, which means KEEP YOUR VIDEO OFF YOUTUBE AND VIMEO until we have announced the finalists, if you want to enter!

Entries must be received by Monday 11:59pm (MST) February 19th, 2019.

The contest winners are to be determined by Level 1 and our independent consultants. All decisions are final, and are not subject to dispute. Level 1 reserves the right to make amendments or changes to the rules at any point in time.

The top 11 Finalists (9 male and 1 female chosen by Level 1 and 1 chosen by public vote from all Semi-Finalists) will be invited to a private week-long superpark shoot at a resort in North America starting in April where they’ll be joined by a film crew from Level 1 to document all the action.

All finalists will be provided free lodging for the duration of the shoot at the resort, lift access, and transfers to and from the filming venue(s) for the duration of the shoot. All additional travel to and from the resort and/or any additional expenses are the sole responsibility of the entrant.

In the event that one or more finalists is unable to attend the shoot at the resort, Level 1 reserves the right to fill their spot with another contestant, wildcard, OR leave the spot vacant at our discretion.

The Superunknown XVI winner will receive:

  • Cash Prize or Sponsorship Deal tba
  • An invitation to film and photo shoots for the Fall ’19 Level 1 release.
  • Associated Media coverage in related web, magazine, and TV content.
  • Inclusion of their promo video for the upcoming season in the Fall ’19 Level 1 release.

The Best Trick winner will receive:

  • A full equipment package from Level 1 and our sponsors, some serious bragging rights, and a few other things that we’re still working on…

Level 1 Superunknown XVI Technical Guidelines

Please name your video file in this format: YourName LastName SUXVI entry.file

(Example: Tom Wallisch SUXVI

We highly recommend to render your video as a quicktime (.mov) or mpeg (.mp4) file with H.264 codec. For a video duration of 1:30 minutes this should get you a file size under 1GB, which is also our maximum allowance. The guidelines below should give you a little help.

Codec: H.264

A codec is the format in which your video will be encoded. Level 1 accepts most major video codecs, but for best results we recommend using H.264. If you’re uploading High Definition (HD) video, choose the High Profile H.264 setting instead of Main Profile. To make your uploads extra smooth, choose the following formats whenever possible: .mov or .mp4 (Please no .wmv or .avi)

Frame rate: 24, 25, or 30 FPS (Constant)

Level1 accepts videos with frame rates of 24 (or 23.976), 25, and 30 (or 29.97). If you know the frame rate of your footage, it's best to encode your final video at the same frame rate. Important: Always choose "constant" frame rate instead of "variable" frame rate.

Bit rate: 5,000 kbit/s (720p HD) / 10,000 kbit/s (1080p HD)

Bit rate (aka data rate) controls both the visual quality of the video and its file size. In most video editors, this is measured in kilobits per second (kbit/s). When you have the option, choose a “variable” bit rate and set the target to at least 5,000 kbit/s for HD, 1080p HD footage, we recommend at a bit rate of 10,000 kbit/s.

Resolution: 1920 pixels wide (HD)

The most common setting for HD video is 1920 x 1080 px (16:9 aspect ratio). You can use different aspect ratios as well, as long as it keeps with width to 1920px. And remember, we only judge your skiing. A video in 4k won't automatically qualify you for the Finals!

Audio Codec: AAC-LC (Advanced Audio Codec)

For best results, we recommend using AAC-LC (low complexity) for the audio codec. Data rate: 320 kbit/s. For best results, encode your audio at constant rate of 320 kbit/s. Sample rate: 48 kHz

For best results, set your audio sample rate to 48 kHz.


You can use any music you like that matches your style of riding and editing. But you can also just submit shots in a raw editing style without any music, just showcasing your best bangers.

Mehr Freeski News findet ihr auf PRIME Skiing


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